Cardboard scrapbooking furniture with Catnip Lounge Cat Scratcher 48 x 23.5 x 17 cm

Item number: PW28494

This modern cat scratching board with its trendy patterns offers a great change from conventional scratching boards.

Category: Other Cat Toys

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Cats have to instinctively scratch. The scratching helps to sharpen their claws and to rub off the dead outer layer of the claws.

In addition, they stretch and move their body and thereby reduce energy. A great addition to your scratching post is this scratching board. At the same time, your velvet paw gets a comfortable sleeping space with the scratching furniture, where it can lazy for hours and doze. Even more appealing for your cat is the board by sprinkling with the included catnip. You will see, your darling will not get enough of this scratching board.
After the claw care your darling will like to settle on the comfortable couch and dream of great adventures. This scratching element can be scratched on both sides, which significantly increases the service life. Once the scratching furniture has worn off, you can simply return it to the waste paper.

Color: green - gray
Sprinkle with catnip over it
Outside dimensions approx .: L x W x H: 48 x 23.5 x 17 cm

Product weight: 0,70 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 48,00 × 23,50 × 17,00 cm
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