Cooling Dog Collar Cooling Scarf Cooling Bandana

Item number: P214-P217

This practical collar cools your pet on hot days and helps to avoid overheating.

Category: Dogs


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This little helper will help protect your four-legged friend from heat stroke during the summer.

The collar sits exactly where the most important part of the dog body is for cooling on hot days. In the band there is a reservoir with cooling gel that covers the artery in the neck when worn. The carotid artery supplies the blood to the head and ultimately the whole body of your pet - if cooled, the dog will feel much better, even at higher temperatures. You can compare this effect by holding your wrists under cold streaming water.

Super handy is the band no electricity and no pre-cooling in the freezer or otherwise needed. The cooling collar absorbs body heat and redirects it back into the air while heat escapes from the areas of the unused cooling collar. This means that the cooling collar feels cool. So you need neither a power outlet nor cables to give your darling a cool down.

Your pet's body temperature will eventually cause the cooling collar to heat up, so it's best to store it away from your pet in a cooler place and recharge it. Then it is ready to use again in an instant.

Color: blue with wave pattern
Available in 4 different sizes:
1.) Dimensions approx L x W: 27 x 4 cm, neck circumference: 17-25 cm
2.) Dimensions approx L x W: 34 x 4 cm, neck circumference: 24-32 cm
3.) Dimensions approx L x W: 41 x 5 cm, neck circumference: 31-39 cm
4.) Dimensions approx L x W: 60 x 5 cm, neck circumference: 47-57 cm

Color: Blue
Dog size: Puppies Kleine honden Medium dogs
function: Cooling
Product weight: 0,09 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 60,00 × 5,00 × 1,00 cm

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