Dog Toy Water Toy with Sponge Chill Out - Watermelon Slice - Watermelon

Item number: 8232

This melon will spoil your darling on hot days with an extra helping of water.

Category: Summer Toys

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Who does not like a juicy piece of melon on hot days?

This fruity sponge is a great, cooling-moist refreshment for your darling!
Every time your four-legged friend bites on this cool fruit, the sponge will deliver a decent portion of water, so your dog will drink more with this water toy than usual. He also gets an extra portion of cooling from the splashing water and has a lot of fun!
Even for masters and mistresses is the throwing and catching the vollgesaugten sponge a great cooling in hot temperatures!

Color: green - red
L x W x H: 15 x 8 x 4.5 cm

Color: Green Pink
Dog size: Puppies Kleine honden Medium dogs
function: With squeaker Floating Cooling Flying Toys Water Toys
Material: Cloth
Product weight: 0,05 Kg

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