Dog drinking bottle Travel drinking bottle - DOG BOTTLE - 750 ml - blue-white

Item number: MP10500209

With this great water dispenser you have not only water, but also the drinking bowl always ready to hand.

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Especially on long adventure tours or tours on hot days, the water supply of your favorite is extremely important!

With this bottle can be carried at any time 0.5 liter of liquid. Just fill up the bottle with water and turn the cup with lid on the bottle. It does not work out and the water stays clean. To soak your dog, just open the bottle. Pulling up the bottle opens the closure.
With the practical tether the bottle z. B. be attached to the leash of the dog. This will not restrict your activity.

Color: blue-white
Capacity: 750 ml

Color: Blue White
Material: Plastic
Product weight: 0,20 Kg

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