Drinkfontein voor honden - HOND DRINKENDE FONTEIN - 3 liter...

Item number: MP10503299

Practical drinking fountain in a modern design with a large 3 liter capacity.

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Dogs and cats love fresh and oxygenated water.

This drinking fountain captivates particularly by its innovative form which stylishly integrates into every living room and its extra quiet pump. Thanks to the large plate on which flows the small waterfall, a splash of water and a loud rippling is avoided. A carbon filter also ensures that the water always stays fresh.

The water flow of these dog drinks can be regulated easily in 3 stages on the pump. The pump is extra quiet and consumes very little power with only 2 watts of power. Including a carbon filter for better water quality By encouraging your pet to drink more water, your pet will help maintain proper kidney function.
This can help reduce the risk of crystal formation and urinary tract disease.

Color white
Content: 3 liters
Outside dimensions diameter x height: 24.5 x 16 cm

Color: White
Material: Plastic
Dog size: Puppies Kleine honden Medium dogs Big dogs Kitten Normal cats Big cats
Product weight: 0,80 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 24,50 × 24,50 × 16,00 cm

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