Drinking fountain LITTLE FLOWER white-blue 1.6 liters

Item number: HP00109

A drinking fountain to fall in love with - the beautiful design will not only fascinate your tomb tiger!

Category: Drinking Fountains

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This fountain works with running water to keep encouraging your pets to drink more.

It is important for the health of your cat or dog to drink regularly, as it contributes to proper kidney function and prevents the risk of crystal formation leading to urinary tract disease. The Little Flower drinking fountain has many advantages, e.g. The opaque housing keeps the water fresh longer and it has a very energy efficient electric pump (consumption below 4 watts).

The drinking fountain is not only pretty to look at, but its comfortable height makes it ideal for kittens and big cats. The simple disassembly makes the cleaning of the well also very easy. Supplied with a water-softening dual-function filter (refills are sold separately). The filter cleans and softens hard tap water while filtering hair, sediment and impurities. With its 3 different flow settings, which are adjustable at the flower by turning the yellow head, the drinking fountain is an absolute allround talent. Of course you can use the drinking fountain without the flower.

Color: white-blue
Capacity: 1.6 liters
Delivery including cabbage filter
Diameter: 18.5 cm
Height: 16 cm
Height without flower: about 11.5 cm

Color: Blue White
Product weight: 0,53 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 18,50 × 18,50 × 16,00 cm

This offer is aimed exclusively at commercial resellers (e.g. pet shops).