Extension set for rabbit and guinea pig cage GRENADA 120

Item number: HN00301

The perfect extension for your rodent cage GRENADA 120. Turn your 2-storey cage into a 3-storey one in no time.

Category: Rodent Cages

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66 ordered, expected on 26.11.2020

With this handy upgrade kit, you can easily extend your 2-tiered GRENADA 120 rodent cage into a 3-tiered cage. The additional floor offers your pet much more living space than in a conventional cage and this contributes to a species-appropriate animal husbandry. Ideal e.g. for guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits and other medium sized rodents.

Wire color: black
Shell color: light gray
Wire distance: 27 mm
Wire thickness horizontal: 2 mm
Wire thickness vertical: 4 mm
Dimensions flap: 59 x 35 cm
Height of the cage shell: 17 cm
Through hole in the shell: 30 x 17 cm

The delivery includes the following parts:
1 x cage shell with passage opening
1 x lower wire body
1 x wooden ladder 65 x 15 cm
2 x large plastic connection clips
8 x black plastic corner connectors

If you do not have a rodent cage GRENADA 120 that you could extend, then you do not need to order the cage and the extension set individually, in our shop you will find the finished 3-storey cage under the name GRENADA 120 SKY.

Please note that this offer only the expansion set is sold, this is not a complete cage. Without the actual cage to be extended by one floor, this extension set is useless.

Color: Grey Black
Material: Plastic Metal
Product weight: 8,50 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 119,00 × 59,00 × 45,00 cm

This offer is aimed exclusively at commercial resellers (e.g. pet shops).