Inflatable Neck Brace Protective Collar Dog / Cat - Protective Collar - Size L

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Inflatable neck brace protective collar

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This soft, comfortable collar is a good alternative to the hard plastic funnel prescribed by veterinarians when your dog or cat needs to recover from surgery, injury or injury.

The collar prevents your pet from licking or biting its injuries or wounds. This will help your pet recover faster and reduce the risk of infection and complications. The cover of the inflatable collar is made of a durable, washable material that is particularly scratch and bite resistant.

Simply inflate the vinyl hose using the air valve. The collar is fixed with a Velcro tape, which also regulates the circumference. Very handy are also the inner loops, which allow the pulling through of the collar to possibly even achieve a better fit.

Dark blue
Neck circumference: 33 to 45 cm

Color: Blue
Dog size: Big dogs
Material: Cloth
Product weight: 0,22 Kg
Contents: 1,00

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