Inflatable Neck Ruff Collar Dog / Cat - Protective Collar - Size S.

Item number: PW13006

Soft inflatable neck brace for dogs after injury, after surgery or rash.

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Allergy, injury or surgery? Then protection is often needed to prevent the dog from biting or licking open spots or wounds. But many animals find the conventional funnel-shaped cervicals an enormous burden. They interfere with every movement, make orientation difficult and make lying uncomfortable

You can simply inflate the collar and then close it with a Velcro fastener. It does not weigh much, is easy to clean and to put on and clings softly to the dog's neck. Particularly practical here are the 3 loops for attachment to the collar.

Dark blue
Neck circumference: 15 - 25 cm

Color: Blue
Dog size: Puppies Kleine honden
Material: Cloth
Product weight: 0,15 Kg
Contents: 1,00

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