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Item number: PW14812

Interactive intelligence game with lots of potential for fun and excitement.

Category: Interactive Toys

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Looking for your dog for a meaningful toy that he can deal with and that trains him at the same time? Then you have found exactly the right one here.

This toy is designed so that the dog has to move the disc to get to his treat. This requires a lot of skill and patience from your dog. The treats are placed in the recess. By turning the disc, the snack is covered, your dog smells it, but no longer sees it. It is now up to him to turn the disc with his muzzle and the knob so far that his treat again comes to light. Sounds funny and will make your dog really fun, once he has understood what he has to do.

Color: blue - white
W x H: 24.5 x 4 cm

Color: Blue White
Material: Plastic
Dog size: Kleine honden Medium dogs Big dogs
function: Interactive toy Fillable with treats
Product weight: 0,47 Kg

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