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This intelligence toy is particularly suitable for not so playful cats variety to offer!

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Most cat toys are aimed only at the hunting instinct of the cat but with a Fummelbrett Treat Maze you can also stimulate the intelligence of your velvet paw playful. This cat toy is perfect for engaging with your cat and thus strengthening the bond between you through mutual success. In addition, your fur nose can deal very well with it alone, if you do not have much time or are away from home longer. Of course, the Treat Maze is also very suitable for several cats. The toy is very versatile and offers various employment opportunities and difficulty levels. The many play areas are designed to appeal to all the senses of your favorite. You can rearrange the various plug-in parts over and over again by simply inserting the parts into the different holes in the bottom plate. The more parts you add to the bottom plate the harder it will be for your darling to get his treats. This always creates a whole new and exciting fun for your little sweetheart! Outside dimensions L x W x H: approx. 27 x 27 x 5.5 cm

Color: Grey Green
Material: Plastic
cats size: Kitten cat big cats
Product weight: 1,10 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 24,00 × 24,00 × 5,50 cm

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