Kotschaufel Dogs Kotaufheber Dog waste disposal Waste Scooper 13,5x16cm

Item number: PW11594

Practical Dogs - Kotaufheber with extra compartment for Kotbeutel for all large and small shops!

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As a responsible dog owner, you will certainly care for clean sidewalks and sidewalks.

This practical Kotaufheber made of sturdy plastic also has an integrated Kotbeutelfach the practical storage of Kotbeutel is here directly intregiert. The use is quite simple: a bag of dough is pulled out of the appropriate compartment and put over the shovel, then just squeeze the two handles together so that the shovel opens.

Now you can absorb the feces quite easily and hygienically. Finally, the bag is simply pulled the other way around and the droppings are in the bag and can be disposed of. Keeping your environment clean without getting your hands dirty.

Color green
L x W: 13.5 x 16 cm

Color: Green
Material: Plastic
Product weight: 0,29 Kg

This offer is aimed exclusively at commercial resellers (e.g. pet shops).