Natural Instincts - Flying Bird Wall - Cat Toy Bird with Angel - 4 colours assorted

Item number: [2063-VPE]

These four great cat nails promote the activity of your pet.

The price refers to 4 pieces.

Category: Toys with Catnip

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Playing with their humans promotes togetherness and trust in the cat.

This cat fishing simulates a flying bird for your pet. As soon as you swing one of the rods back and forth in front of your cat's eyes, you wake the hunter even in the most tired house cat.
Inside the bird is delicious catnip, which gives off a seductive scent for all velvet paws. Additionally, the play instinct is stimulated by a crackling filling in the wings. Guaranteed fun for you and your furry nose!

Colour: blue, brown-yellow, green and red
Outside dimensions L x W x H: 43 x 10 x 4 cm

The price refers to 4 pieces.

Product weight: 0,19 Kg
Contents: 4,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 43,00 × 10,00 × 4,00 cm

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