Outdoor enclosure for rabbits, guinea pigs, puppies 4 elements 114 x 60 cm incl. net

Item number: HN00311

The outdoor enclosure is the perfect run for your rabbit or guinea pig with 4 elements each 114 x 60 cm and a safety net

Category: Outdoor Enclosures

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So that your darling can catch a lot of fresh air we offer you this outdoor enclosure including protective net, it is easy to set up and just as quickly fold and stow away again. The 4 individual elements are simply connected with the supplied metal rods and your friends can move in and enjoy the good weather and your urge to move around.

The connecting poles are approx. 67 cm long and can therefore be stuck approx. 7 cm deep into the ground. Due to this and the size of the outdoor enclosure of approx. 114 x 114 cm it stands safely on the lawn. Also the assembly in the house is naturally problem-free feasible. 
It is very suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits and puppies. Real escape artists will have a hard time here, because with a height of 60 cm it will not be so easy to overcome it. The safety net not only prevents the animals from jumping out but also protects them from e.g. birds of prey, cats etc.

Depending on your needs and space, it can be extended with further enclosures, but then the safety net will not fit anymore. 

- 4 elements each H x W: 114 x 60 cm
- Basic dimensions: approx. 114 x 114 cm (approx. 1.3 square metres)
- Elements are connected by metal rods
- Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and puppies
- colour wire: silver
- Colour of safety net: green
- wire spacing: 29 mm
- length of the 4 connecting rods: approx. 67 cm
- Thickness of the vertical bars: approx. 3 mm
- Thickness of horizontal bars and connecting rods: approx. 4 mm

Color: Multicolored
Dog size: Puppies
Material: Metal
function: Washable
Product weight: 5,00 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 114,00 × 114,00 × 60,00 cm

This offer is aimed exclusively at commercial resellers (e.g. pet shops).