Puppy pad puppy toilet - PUPPY PADS EASY FIX with adhesive tape - 45 x 60 cm

Item number: MP10163101

The absorbent pad with non-slip outer film and the extra adhesive tape for fixing is ideal for all dog breeds!

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If your pet is not housebroken yet, these puppy pads are perfect because they absorb the fluid quickly and reliably.

As soon as your puppy wants to do his business in the apartment, put it gently on the puppy pad. If he then does his business there, you will praise him extensively. If your puppy has become accustomed to the pad and uses it regularly, then keep putting it in the direction of the apartment door.
Your darling will get used to running to the door when he has to do his business. Odor formation is largely prevented thanks to the pulp layers. The documents securely trap the fluid and no longer release it. Your floor, baskets and Co. are also well protected from liquids, thanks to the water-impermeable bottom.

Color: white - gray
Content: 30 pieces
Outside dimensions L x W: 45 x 60 cm

Color: Grey White
Dog size: Puppies
function: waterproof
Product weight: 0,50 Kg
Contents: 30,00
Dimensions ( length × width ): 45,00 × 60,00 cm

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