XXL rug for cat litter rug CAT LITTER MAT 87 x 60 cm

Item number: MP20100313

Provide your cat with a comfortable area around the litter box while minimizing dirt in your home.

Category: Cat Litter Mats

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The surface of this cat litter tray has been designed to catch cat litter and avoid spreading over the floor.

Soft yet durable Make sure your cat's comfort is on its way to doing business with the soft surface of this cat litter tray. Although it is soft, it is still durable with a sturdy construction, so you know this mat will last for many years.

The mat is made of soft plastic threads that gently strip and hold the litter grains attached to the paws of your stub tiger. The material of the toilet template also make sensitive cats feel soft and comfortable. For cleaning, you can easily vacuum the rug or simply shake it out. In case of heavy soiling, this mat can also be cleaned wet.

Color gray
Outside dimensions L x W: 87 x 60 cm

Color: Grey
Material: Plastic
cats size: Kitten cat big cats
Product weight: 1,00 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 87,00 × 60,00 × 1,00 cm

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