Three-piece telescopic dog light dog staircase CHARLESTON boarding aid car ramp

Item number: HP00125

3-fold telescopic, infinitely adjustable telescopic dog ramp made of lightweight aluminum.

Category: Ramps & Stairs

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480 ordered, expected on 19.07.2021

This great dog light is the latest solution for your pet to make it easier for him to access higher places. The ramp consists of three infinitely collapsible sections that can be adjusted to the required height. It is provided with big rubber feet on every corner. These ensure a secure grip on any surface. At the same time they prevent the scratching of your car. Due to the telescopic design, this is particularly easy to unfold. You can simply push the sections together to stow the ramp to save space. With this help, your four-legged friend will be able to manage the independent entry and exit in and out of any type of vehicle at any time and saves you as a keeper the laborious lifting, which is very helpful especially for large and heavy dog ??breeds. Older or joint sick dogs, as well as young, frightened or small dogs benefit from the specially adjustable access aid, as it allows your four-legged friend a joint-gentle and painless overcoming of stairs, raised sleeping quarters or sofas. With a weight of only 5.8 kg and a load capacity of up to 85kg, this dog light is the lightest, strongest and most compact option for your pet!

Infinitely adjustable lengths: 73 - 163 cm
Outside dimensions L x W x H: 71 x 42 x 11.5 cm (pushed together

Color: Black
Dog size: Medium dogs Big dogs
Material: Rubber aluminium
Product weight: 5,60 Kg
Contents: 1,00
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 163,00 × 42,00 × 11,50 cm

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