XXL Cat Toilet ORLANDO white-anthracite especially for large cat breeds

Item number: HP00048

Cat toilet with hood especially for big cat breeds.

Category: Cat Toilets

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480 ordered, expected on 19.07.2021

XXL cat toilet ORLANDO with hood. This cat litter box is ideal for big cats and comes with filter and strainer.

It is equipped with hood, swinging door, filters, click fasteners and carrying handle.

For a quick and easy cleaning, the toilet is equipped with a wide-opening door.

The filter prevents unpleasant odors and can be replaced

Dimensions L x W x H: 70 x 57 x 46 cm
Color: white-anthracite

Note on the hood color: The color of the hood is not pure white, such as a sheet of paper but rather old-white or cream-white and slightly speckled with small dark spots.

Color: White Black
cats size: Kitten cat big cats
Product weight: 4,10 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 70,00 × 57,00 × 46,00 cm

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